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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2023 № 3 (101) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2023 № 3 (101)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • N.V. Akhmadieva (Ufa)
    Public sentiments in Bashkiria in the conditions of the crisis of the ideological system (late 1970s - early 1980s) 8
  • A.I. Mamin (Ufa)
    Functioning of the militia of the BASSR in the post-war years 14
  • Faromarzi Fayzullo (Tashkent)
    The place of the written heritage of Hafiz-i Abru in the court chronicle of the Timurid period 21
  • A.M. Smirnova (St. Petersburg)
    The view of Iranian researchers on the influence of the greater Iran culture in Kashmir 28
  • R.Yu. Akkubekov (Ufa)
    About one medieval epigraphic monument near the mausoleum of Tura Khan 36
  • Hussain Qasim Hasan Al-Rubaye (Moscow)
    Leadership as a social phenomenon 42


  • Yu.V. Normanskaya (Moscow)
    Bashkir dialects in the 18th century according to the dictionary of P.S. Pallas 48
  • G.S. Kunafin (Ufa)
    Idea and thematic and genre-styling nature of G.B. Khusainov 54
  • F.V. Akhmadiev (Ufa)
    Revival and development of genre traditions of historical dastans in the works of the Bashkir poet R. ZInurov 61
  • Yu.R. Khalidova (Buynaksk)
    Satire in the poetry of Rasul Gamzatov and Magomed Atabaev 66
  • R.A. Dautova (Ufa)
    Small genres of folklore of the Bashkir’s of the Kurgan region in a comparative study (by the materials of the expeditions of 1959 and 2010) 72
  • Z.G. Abubakirova (Ufa)
    Some notes about Rizaitdin Fakhretdinov's arabographic composition "Kitab at-takharat" 78
  • A.G. Yanberdin (Ufa)
    Reflection of reality in the poems of Tamara Ganeeva 84


  • Dr. Sci. (Law), Professor Rafail N. Zinurov celebrates his 70th birthday 88
  • Dr. Sci. (Philology) Ramil F. Islamov celebrates his 65th birthday 89