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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2021 № 4 (94) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2021 № 4 (94)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • A.I. Akmanov (Ufa), G.Z. Kutushev (Ufa)
    Soviet school and Islam: Contradictions and compromises of the NEP period (according to the materials of the Bashkir ASSR) 8
  • I.S. Igdavletov (Ufa)
    Genre sayakhatnameh in the scientific heritage of Bashkir orientalist Rizaitdin Fakhretdinov 14
  • R.R. Oleynik (Ufa)
    Regime and educational work with convicts in the penitentiary system of the Bashkir ASSR (1921–1928) 20
  • A.Т. Akhatov (Ufa), A.I. Tuzbekov (Ufa)
    The Akhunovo megalithic complex in the sociocultural space of the South Urals 25


  • M.Kh. Nadergulov (Ufa)
    Founder of modern scientific directions of Bashkir literary studies 31
  • F.B. Yunusova (Ufa)
    Gallery of images of famous Bashkirs in modern essays (on the example of the work of R. Shakur) 35
  • A.G. Salikhov (Ufa), S.A. Iskandarova (Ufa)
    Analysis of Sufis’ works in Persian from the manuscript collection of the Institute of History, Language and Literature, Ufa Federal Research Centre, RAS 43
  • P.M. Alibekova (Makhachkala)
    Rasul Gamzatov and perception of his work in Iran 50


  • R.S. Akmanova (Ufa)
    Terminology of the kinship system in the Bashkir language and its dialects 56
  • R.B. Kamaeva (Ufa)
    Tropes as expressive means of creating the writer's idiostyle (on the example of the works of Rinat Mukhamadiev) 61


  • R.M. Bulgakov (Ufa)
    A content inventory of the Bashqort aymaghy transactions and some evidence about them 68
  • S.M. Khusainov (Ufa)
    Work born in the difficult period of the Bashkir republic formation (from the poetical heritage of Shafik Aminev-Tamyani) 74


  • A.Sh. Ishmukhametova (Ufa)
    Phonetic features of dialect names of medicinal plants in the Bashkir language 81
  • Z.Yu. Ganieva (Ufa)
    The structure of the advertising text in Bashkir written press (on the example of the material of the newspaper "Bashkortostan") 87
  • M.M. Zakomaldin (Ufa)
    The activities of Russian emigrant associations of high school graduates in the 1920s and 1930s 92


  • I.Z. Shayakhmetova (Ufa)
    In memory of the teacher (Ufa, November 16, 2021) 98


  • Doctor of Philology, Professor, Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Giniyatulla S. Kunafin celebrates his 75th birthday 100

  • Uildan Gilmanovich Saitov, Candidate of Philosophy, celebrates his 70th birthday 103