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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2019 № 4 (86) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2019 № 4 (86)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • G.B. Azamatova (Ufa)
    Orenburg Muftiat in the Public Space of the Early Twentieth Century 8
  • R.B. Shaikhislamov (Ufa)
    Changes in the Legal Status of Peasants of the Appanage Department from the Time of the Publication of The Institution on the Imperial Family of 1797 to the Late 1850’s 14
  • M.N. Farkhshatov (Ufa)
    Diplomatic Mission of the Soviet Delegation to the World Muslim Congress in 1926 19
  • F.M. Suleymanov (Sibay)
    Historiographic Analysis of the Name of the Village Sibay 27
  • S.V. Stepanova (Yakutsk)
    M.N. Timofeev-Tereshkin’s Role in the Activities of the Sociopolitical Organization “The Union of Aboriginal Yakuts” 33


  • G.N. Gareeva (Ufa), R.D. Mustafina (Ufa)
    Principles of the Reality Reflection in the Bashkir Short and Long Stories of the 1950–1980’s 39
  • M.Kh. Nadergulov (Ufa)
    Bashkir Narrative Genealogies as Historical and Literary Monuments 45
  • F.Sh. Sibagatov (Ufa)
    Artistic Reflection of Quranic Legends about Prophets in Bashkir Ecclesiastical Literature 51
  • R. A. Kerimova (Nalchik)
    Typology of Woman’s Poetry: Poetics Issues in the Context of Gender (Based on Karachay-Balkar Poets’ Works) 57
  • G.R. Ilyasova (Ufa), Z.A. Sirazitdinov (Ufa)
    Abduali Kaydarov as an Innovator in Turkic Linguistic Science (to His 95th Birth Anniversary) 63


  • A.M. Khakimyanova (Ufa)
    Genre Features of Bashkir Folk Four-Line Songs 70


  • F.R. Latypov (Ufa)
    Meaning Interpretation of Iberian Inscriptions on Household Utensils (Based on CECAPF Method) 77


  • Yu.Sh. Galimova (Ufa)
    The Ophthalmic Service Formation in the Ufa Province in the Late XIX – Early XX Centuries 84
  • L.H. Mammadzade (Baku)
    The Literary Personality of al-Bakharzi in Medieval Sources and His Anthology Dumyat al-Kasr 86


  • I.F. Amantaev (Ufa)
    The Mustay Readings: The International Scientific and Practical Conference Devoted to the Birth Centenary of Mustay Karim, the National Poet of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufa, Toratau Congress Hall, October 3, 2019) 96


  • Prof. Dr.Sc. (Sociological Sciences), Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Murat Dzh. Kiekbaev Celebrates His 60th Birth Anniversary 98

  • Dr.Sc. (Philology) Gulnur R. Khusainova 99