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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2019 № 2 (84) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2019 № 2 (84)

Проблемы востоковедения


Bashkortostan: The Years 1917–1919

  • A.Ya. Zaripov (Ufa)
    At the Origins of the Bashkir Autonomy: People Committed to an Idea (in Memory of Kh.Yu. Yumagulov) 8
  • A.V. Bogatyrev (Togliatti)
    Jan III Sobieski about the Bashkirs of the XVII Century 15
  • S.M. Khusainov (Ufa)
    Mukhametsalim Umetbaev as a Representative of the Bashkirs in Solving Land Disputes in the 70–80s of the XIX Century 20
  • M.W. Kyrchanoff (Voronezh)
    Italian Orientalism during Fascism in the 20s of the ХХ Century 26
  • R.R. Sadikov (Ufa)
    “Before, Although They Had Been Pagans, but Now They are Mohammedans: To the Question of Adopting Islam by the Tans-Kama Udmurts 32


  • A.Sh. Abdullina (Birsk), O.V. Lysova (Birsk)
    Dream Symbols in the Novel Burenushka by T. Garipova 39
  • Sh.V. Nafikov (Ufa)
    On the Etymology of Some Bashkir Hydronyms: An Attempt at Comparative Analysis 45
  • L.R. Suleymanova (Sibay)
    The Historical Development of the Lexicon of the Funeral-Memorial Rite in the Bashkir Language 51


  • R.G. Bukanova (Ufa)
    Small Towns of Bashkortostan: Historical and Legal Status and Modern Development Trends 58
  • I.Z. Shayakhmetova (Ufa)
    Social Focus of Activities of City Councils in the Southern Urals in 1870–1917 63


  • Kh.R. Khafizov (Ufa)
    Material and Technical Facilities of Comprehensive Schools in the Bashkir ASSR in the Late 60s – 70s of the 20th Century 69
  • Wang Yichan (Wuhan, China)
    Translations and Research on Chinese Classical Prose in Russia (the XVIII–XX Centuries) 75
  • R.R. Zinurova (Ufa)
    The Common in Motif Forming Plots in Bashkir Heroic Tales: The Wondrous Conception and Birth 81


  • F.S. Fayzullin (Ufa), I.F. Fayzullin (Ufa)
    A New Trend in Social Science as Studies in Solidarity (on the Book by Kh.A. Barlybaev The Philosophy of Solidarity. The Anti-Huntington. Studies in Solidarity. Moscow: Nauchnaya biblioteka press, 2018. 498 p.) 87


  • I.V. Demichev (Ufa), I.F. Yusupov (Ufa)
    Unity. Nationhood. Patriotism: The International Scientific Forum (to the Centenary of the Republic of Bashkortostan) (Ufa, the Toratau Congress Hall, March 22–23, 2019) 91
  • I.K. Yanbaev (Ufa)
    Culture, Literature and the Humanities of Eurasian Peoples: The Past, Present and Future. The International Scientific and Practical Conference (Ufa, the Bashkir State University, December 12, 2018) 94


  • Prof. Dr.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Marat A. Ilgamov Celebrates His 85th Birth Anniversary 97


  • Ravil T. Bikbaev 98