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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2017 № 3 (77) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2017 № 3 (77)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • O.K. Valitov (Neftekamsk)
    Shetu The Fourth Power in Russia and South-Eastern Asian Countries: The Issues of Responsibility 8


  • M.N. Isyanbaev (Ufa)
    Mechanisms for Stabilizing the Socio-Economic Development of Depressed Areas 13
  • G.F. Khilazheva (Ufa)
    Participation of the People of Bashkortostan in the Temporary Labour Migration 18


  • D.S. Kidirniyazov (Makhachkala)
    The North Caucasus in the System of Interaction of Russia with Porte and Persia in the Early 18th Century 24
  • N.M. Kalmantaev (Ufa)
    Political Life of Bashkortostan on the Eve of the Russian Revolution of 1905–1907 28
  • S.R. Muratova (Tobolsk), Z.A. Tychinskikh (Tobolsk)
    Fortification Peculiarities of Frontier Fortresses in the Urals and Western Siberia in the 18th Century 33
  • R.R. Asylguzhin (Ufa)
    On Bashkirs from Tersyutsky and Kysylbaevsky Yurts: The Ethnic Origin and Identity 39


  • M.Kh. Nadergulov (Ufa)
    Bashkir Baits: The Problems of Genre Characteristics 47
  • G.S. Galina (Ufa)
    Operetic Music by Salavat Nizametdinov in the Context of National Culture (to His 60th Birth Anniversary) 52


  • A.O. Khuzhakhmetov (Ufa)
    Symbiosis of Traditions and Innovation in the Novel Borolosh (The Turn) by G. Khayri 57
  • M.G. Usmanova (Ufa)
    On Ways of Expressing the Future Tense in the Bashkir Language (a New Version) 63
  • E.M. Sozinova (Ufa)
    Anthroponyms in Paroemias (Evidenced by Bashkir, Russian, and English Proverbs and Sayings) 68


  • R.N. Zinurov (Moscow)
    Development of Armenology in Russia (the 19th Century) 73
  • G.N. Gareeva (Ufa)
    Principles of Literary Reflection of the Reality in Works by Mustai Karim 78


  • G.D. Sultanova (Ufa)
    Alcohol Consumption Dynamics in the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Social Republic in the Second Half of the 20th Century in the All-Union Context 83
  • A.Zh. Kairalapina (Aktobe, Kazakhstan)
    The Role of Uyezd Authority Figures in Developing School Education of the Kazakhs (the Second Half of the 19th Century – the Early 20th Century) 88
  • N.F. Fatkhlislamova (Ufa)
    Schools in the System of Public Education in the Bashkir ASSR in the Postwar Years 92


  • I.U. Zulkarnay (Ufa)
    The BRICS Summit (China) and the 3rd Eastern Economic Forum (Russia) 96


  • Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Dr.Sc. (Political Sciences) Mansur A. Ayupov Celebrates His 70th Birth Anniversary 98

  • For Authors 99