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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2017 № 1 (75) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2017 № 1 (75)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • A.S. Gayazov (Ufa)
    Sphere of the Humanities in Civil Society: Problems and Development Trends 8


  • I.G. Akmanov (Ufa), R.B. Zaitunov (Ufa), S.F. Kasimov (Ufa), A.A. Dautov (Ufa)
    South-Eastern Bashkirs’ Joining the Russian State 15
  • V.I. Terentyev (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
    The General and the Particular in the Ethnic Identification of Western Mongolians (in the Late 19th – Early 20th Century) (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) 20
  • S.N. Kulbakhtin, F.F. Chinghizov (Ufa)
    The South Urals Factory Peasants’ Participation in the Peasant War in 1773–1775 25
  • Yu.M. Yusupov (Ufa), A.T. Berdin (Ufa)
    On the Structure of Muslim Ummah: Religious Groups of the Republic of Bashkortostan 30


  • R.B. Akhmadiev (Ufa)
    Evolution of the Genre of Bashkir Drama in Describing Heroic Characters 35
  • Z.G. Murzagulova (Ufa)
    Issues of Psychologism in the Literary Work Blooming Garden in Turkic Style by Sayf Sarai 40
  • G.S. Kunafin (Ufa)
    Ideological and Thematic Features and Innovation of Scholarly and Literary Activities of Robert Baimov (To His 80th Birth Anniversary) 44
  • F.F. Ghilemshin (Kazan)
    Semantics of Colour Components in the One Thousand and One Nights Fairy Tales 48
  • E.V. Sundueva (Ulan-Ude)
    Hydrographic Terminology in Toponymy of New Barguts (Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia, China) 52
  • R. A. Abutalipova (Sterlitamak)
    From the History of the Study of Means of Expression of the Intensity of Action in the Bashkir Language 56
  • Akhmer M. Aznabaev (Ufa)
    On Scientific Achievements of Professor Dzhalil Kiekbaev (To His 105th Birth Anniversary) 61


  • M.N. Farkhshatov (Ufa)
    Statistical Survey of Muslim Schools in the Russian Empire by the Free Economic Society in 1895–1896: The History of Its Implementation and Main Results 65
  • A.G. Salikhov (Ufa)
    Participation of Bashkir Delegation in the First Turkological Congress in 1926 in Baku 70


  • F.M. Suleymanov (Sibay)
    On the Biography and Genealogy of the Famous Bashkir Healer and Muslim Figure Muzhavir Sirazhetdinov 74


  • E.S. Chekunkova (Yekaterinburg)
    The Ainu People in Japanese Society (On the Problem of Harmonizing Interethnic Relations) 79
  • G.M. Munasipova (Ufa)
    Images of Negative Characters in Satirical Literary Works by Vladimir Mayakovsky and Shaikhzada Babich 84


  • T.A. Anikeyeva (Moscow), A.D. Vasilyev (Moscow), D.D. Vasilyev (Moscow), V.V. Dosovitskaya (Moscow), Y.I. Drobyshev (Moscow), D.M. Timokhin (Moscow), V.V. Tishin (Moscow)
    Third International Uyghur Studies Conference: History, Culture, Society (Zvenigorod, October 23–26, 2016) 88


  • Akhmet M. Suleymanov 93
  • Index of Articles Published in The Problems of Oriental Studies Journal in 2016 94
  • For Authors 99