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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2016 № 2 (72) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2016 № 2 (72)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • G.G. Salikhov (Ufa)
    Social meaning of the good for a person 8
  • R.R. Asylguzhin (Ufa)
    Some aspects of setling and ethnic identity of the Turkic population in the Southern TransUrals: the Bashkirs and Mishars of Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation 14
  • V.K. Samigullin (Ufa)
    Republic of Bashkortostan (RF) and state of Washington (USA): experience of the comparative analysis of the constitutional and legal structure 22
  • N.А. Zherlitsina (Moscow)
    Experience of interaction of the state and society in Tunisia: problems of religious policy in the period of modernisation in the 19th century 28


  • А.I. Gogolev (Yakutsk)
    Magic foundations of the Yakut traditional religion. 33
  • I.I. Bulyakov (Ufa)
    Reflection of the imperial government’s policy of Russia in relation to Bashkirs in their folklore 38
  • G.A. Kinyabaeva (Ufa)
    Traditional medicine and its pole in reproduction of the Bashkir ethnos in the 19th century 43
  • Z.I. Kurbanova (Nukus, Republic of Uzbekistan)
    Traditional men’s costume of Karakalpaks – late XIX – late 20th centuries 48


  • R.T. Bikbajev (Ufa)
    ‘Horseman-azamat’ (reverence of the horse being a sacred animal in Bashkir folk art 53
  • I.G. Kulsarina (Ufa)
    Bashkir-Russian intertextual revations in the works of the XX century writers 59
  • F.B. Yunusova (Ufa)
    Sons of the fatherland in the essays of well-known turcologist-scholar G.B. Khusainov 65


  • Sh.V. Nafikov (Ufa), L.K. Ishkildina(Ufa)
    Phonological means of expressing definitness in some linguistic macrofamilies 70
  • B.A. Musukov (Nalchik)
    Adjectives generating pecularities of colour terms in the Turkic languages 77

(About the Russian emigrants in China)

  • S.V. Smirnov (Yekaterinburg)
    Russian organizations of scouts and intelligence agents 81
  • L.P. Chernikova (Moscow)
    Deportation of the Russian emigrants in 1945–1946 86


  • L.Ja. Akhmadullina (Moscow)
    The principle “encitement to what is right and forbidding what is wrong” in social views of Kh.S. Salikhov 92
  • B.D. Dyussenov (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
    Ways of forming the phonetical system of the old Kypchak language based on Mamluk-Kipchak written sources 97


  • Al’fis S. Gayazov, president of the Academy of Sciences of RB Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Education Celebrates His 60th Birth Anniversary 102
  • Aijtogan I. Akmanov, Asssosiate Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan, professor of the Bashkir State University Celebrates His 50th Birth Anniversary 103


  • Zaynullin Marat Valievich 104