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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2015 № 4 (70) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2015 № 4 (70)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • M.A. Ajupov (Ufa)
    On transitological theories of political processes analysis (concerning their practical application in Russia and Bashkortostan) 8
  • G.N. Valiakhmetova (Yekaterinburg)
    Issues of energy security in Asia 16
  • R.M. Mukhametzyanova-Duggal (Ufa)
    Theoretical aspects of spiritual safety in modern Russian society (some theoretical and practical aspects) 22
  • M.T. Shafikov (Ufa)
    Understanding as an act of cognition forming rational attitude to reality in a person 27


  • G.R. Islakaeva (Ufa)
    Development of forestry in China and Russia 33


  • K.K. Abuev (Astana)
    Circle of scientifi c interests of Chokan Valikhanov and his friends 40
  • V.V. Ushnitskiy (Yakutsk)
    Concerning localization of the Boma tribe near lake Baikal (after Chinese sources) 45
  • A.S. Akiulov (Ufa)
    Governor V.A. Perovsky (1795-1857) in the history of the Bashkir people 49


  • F.Sh. Sibagatov (Ufa)
    Sirat An-nabi as a genre of religious and didactic character in the Bashkir literature of early XX century 55
  • Rezida A. Suleymanova, Liliya A. Buskunbaeva (Ufa)
    Outstanding scholar and organizer of science Uraksin Zinnur Gazizovich (to his 80th anniversary) 60


  • M.G. Kulieva (Baku)
    Miftah ul-Ulum: Valuable Source on the Eastern Literary Theory 65
  • G.B. Azamatova (Ufa)
    Questionnaires of Muslim schools of the Osinsky district of the Perm province as source of Moslem education system of early XX century 71


  • A.S. Khalilov (Baku)
    Infl uence of the Russian historical and philological school on the Azerbaijani folklore studies 76


  • Z.U. Bagishaeva (Ufa)
    The Great Patriotic War in life and creativity of Mostaj Karim 83


  • G.G. Salikhov (Ufa)
    VII All-Russian philosophical congress “Philosophy. Tolerance. Globalization: The East and the West – dialogue of outlooks” (Ufa, October 6-10, 2015) 89
  • A.G. Salikhov (Ufa)
    X All-Russian congress of Orientalists “Russia and the East: interaction of countries and people” (to the 125th Birth Anniversary of Akhmet-Zeki Velidi Togan). Ufa, October 7-10, 2015). Article appended 92
  • I.F. Popova (St. Peterburg)
    The classic Oriental studies: problems and perspectives; 95
  • N.G. Ochirova (Elista)
    Current state and prospects of development of Oriental studies in Kalmykia 101


  • Academician of the Academy of Bashkortostan Republic, professor of the Bashkir State University, Marat V. Zaynullin is 80 106


  • Mazhitov Nijaz Abdulkhakovich 107
  • Galjautdinov Ishmukhamet Gil’mutdinovich 108
  • Rules for Authors 109