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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2015 № 3 (69) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2015 № 3 (69)

Проблемы востоковедения



    Towards the VII-th All-Russia philosophers’ Congress«PHILOSOPHY. TOLERANCE. GLOBALIZATION: The East and the West as a dialogue of views» (Ufa, October, 6–10, 2015)

  • B.S. Galimov (Ufa)
    On the activity of the Bashkir offi ce of the Russian philosophical society (interview for readers of the joirnal) 8
  • F.S. Fayizullin (Ufa)
    Qualitative changes of value orientations and mentality in modern Russia 12
  • I.I.Zaylalov, A.Y.Zaripov (Ufa)
    Spiritual culture of ethnic groups and etnicity:axiological interpretation of the identity of the subject 18
    Towards the Xth All-Russia Orientlists’ congress: «RUSSIA AND THE ORIENT: interaction of countries and peoples» (Ufa, October, 7–10, 2015)

  • F.G. Khisamitdinova (Ufa)
    Oriental studies at the Institute of history, language and literature, Ufa academic centre, Russian Academy of Sciences 22
  • Sübidey Togan (Ankara, Turkey)
    The Silk Road: past and present 31
  • A.I. Pylev (Essentuki)
    The contribution by baron C.G. Mannerheim to the Oriental researches 38
  • D.D. Vasiljev (Moscow)
    A stele of the Okunev culture with Turkic runic inscription and tamga (Uytag barrow, Khakasia) ) 43
  • R.Y. Akkubekov (Ufa)
    Ancient traditions in Muslim tomb epitaphs (exemplifi ed by epitaph monuments of Saitkulov village in the Kugarchi district of the Republic of Bashkortostan) 47


  • G.N. Garustovich (Ufa)
    Men’s worship fi gures of early Middle ages in the South Urals 52


  • L.N. Shaymukhametova (Ufa)
    On the conception and research results of the Laboratory of musical semantics at the Ufa state academy of arts named after Zaghir Ismagilov 61
  • F.B. Sanyarov (Ufa)
    National writer of Bashkortostan Gaysa Khusainov as emotional language personality 68


  • M.V. Zaynullin (Ufa)
    Linguistic personality and ethnic mentality 73
  • M.Z. Ulakov, B.A. Musukov, Z.M. Lokyaeva (Nalchik)
    Word-formation value of voice affi xes in the Turkic languages (on the material of the Karachay-Balkar language) 79


  • M.R. Valieva (Ufa)
    Historical transformations in labialized vowels of the Bashkir language 86


  • F.Sh. Sibagatov (Ufa)
    On the book by G.S. Kunafi n Peculiarities of Bashkir literature development in the 19th – early 20th centuries. Bashkortostan Poligrafkombinat Press, 2014. 740 p. 92
  • G.M. Bulyakova (Sibay)
    On the book by G.Kh. Samirkhanova Bashkir fable poetics. Sibai, Bashkir State University Press, 2014. 318 p. 94


  • I.U. Zulkarnai, G.R. Islakaeva (Ufa)
    The SCO and BRICS summits results (Ufa, July, 8–10, 2015) 96
  • I.G. Galyautdinov (Ufa)
    Prospects for the Development of The Problems of Oriental Studies Journal 98
  • Rules for Authors 99