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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2015 № 1 (67) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2015 № 1 (67)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • P.M. Rayanov (Ufa)
    The Main Institutions that Ensure the Successful Development of Modem Society5

Russian-Indian Economic Integration under the BRICS

  • Interview with Vyacheslav Trubnikov (Moscow) for The Problems of Oriental Studies Journal Readers 15


  • T.Sh. Umetbaev, Dudnikova (Krasnoyarsk)
    Two Empires in the Beginning of the Battle for Central Asia (Concerning Some Issues in Russian-Chinese Relations in the 18th Century after the Collapse of the Dzungar Khanate) 19
  • C.N. Khuzhakhmetova (Ufa)
    Contribution of Scholar Damir Zh. Valeyev to the History of Bashkir Philosophical and Sociopolitical Thought (to His 75th Birth Anniversary) 27
  • G.R. Shagapova (Neftekamsk)
    Game 'Top' in the Cultures of the Orient's Peoples33


  • G.N. Gareyeva (Ufa)
    The Great Humanist Mustay Karim (Devoted to His 95th Birth Anniversary; 1919-2005) 39
  • I.I. Valeyev (Ufa)
    Children's World in Works by Mustay Karim45
  • T.A. Kilmukhametov (Ufa)
    The Image of Salavat Yulaev in Mustay Karim's Works52


  • E.A. Umarov (Tashkent)
    Diphthongs in the Orkhon Monuments57


  • G.N. Garustovich, V.A. Zlygostev (Ufa)
    On the Issue of the Most Ancient Documentary Source of Information Related to the History of Medieval Bashkortostan 60


  • N.A. Aliyeva (Baku)
    The Role of the Arabic Authors in Distribution of Islamic Culture in Azerbaijan in the Middle Ages 68
  • Z.G. Aminev (Ufa)
    Iran's Bashkarts (Their Possible Links with the Bashkirs of the Southern Urals)74


  • T.N. Kapina (Ufa)
    Architectural and Urban Landscape in Paintings by Ufa Artists of the I970s-I980s 81


  • L.A. Sergeyeva, G.G. Khisamova (Ufa)
    On the Book by M.V. Zaynullin, L.M. Zaynullina Cultural Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. Ufa, Bashkir State University Press, 2014, 204 p. 88


  • G.S. Kunafin (Ufa)
    Role of Personality in Historical and Cultural Space: The International Scientific and Practical Conference Devoted to the 260th Birth Anniversary of the National Bashkir Hero and Improvising Poet Salavat Yulaev (Ufa, June 3-5, 2014, the Bashkir State University) 89
  • P.S. Payzullin (Ufa)
    Ethnic Space in the Modern World: The International Congress (Grozny, October 29-31, 2014) 91
  • R.Ya. Khusnetdinova, P.S. Iskuzhina (Ufa)
    Prospects and State of Comparative and Historical Turkic and Altaic Studies: The All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation Devoted to the 85th Birth Anniversary of Prof. Dr.Sc. (Philology) M.Kh. Akhtyamov and to the 80th Birth Anniversary of Prof. Dr.Sc. (Philology) E.P. Ishberdin (Ufa, December 23-24, 2014, the Bashkir State University) 94


  • Ramil N. Bakhtizin, President and Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Celebrates His 60th Birth Anniversary98
  • Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Anas Kh. Makhmutov Celebrates His 85th Birth Anniversary99
  • Dr.Sc. (Philology) Firdaus G. Khisamitdinova100
  • Prof. Dr.Sc. (History) Roza G. Bukanova101

The Problems of Oriental Studies Journal is 20

  • I.G. Galyautdinov (Ufa)
    Prospects for the Development of The Problems of Oriental Studies Journal in the Context of Communication and Integration Processes in Modern Science 102


  • Karim G. Ishbaev104
  • Index of Articles Published in The Problems of Oriental Studies Journal in 2014105
  • Instruction for Authors111