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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2014 № 1 (63) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2014 № 1 (63)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • F.S. Fayzullin, T.F. Fayzullin
    Ethnicity as a Social Potential for Society's Development7
  • F.M.Rayanov
    Turkey on the Way of Building the Legal State 14
  • I.U. Zulkarnay
    Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Terms of Islamic Economics20


  • M.M. Kulsharipov
    Recognition of the Bashkir Autonomous Republic by the Central Soviet Authority (to the 95th Anniversary of Signing the Agreement with the Bashkir Government)26
  • G.M. Tulepbergenov
    Ethnopolitical Ties between the Kazakhs and the Bashkirs during the Reign of Abylai Khan34
  • Z.I. Kurbanova
    Head Dresses of Karakalpak Women (Late 19th and Middle of the 20th Centuries)38
  • I.G. Petrov
    Outstanding Initiator of Ethnological Studies in Bashkortostan (to Rail Kuzeyev's 85th Birth Anniversary)44


  • G.S. Kunafin
    Ideological and Thematic, Genre and Stylistic Nature of the Bashkir "Freestyle" Literary Song in the 20th Century 50
  • P.V. Sivtseva-Maksimova, A.P. Nogovitsyn
    Mythopoetics of Yakut Classical Authors as an Originality of Ethnic Imagery51
  • G.S. Galina
    The Vocal Art of the Composer Khusain Akhmetov as a Phenomenon of Ethnic Culture (to His Birth Centenary)63


  • M.Z. Zakiev
    Turkic Morphonology and Etymology (Evidence from the Tatar Language)68
  • E.A. Umarov
    Primary Long Vowels in Old Turkic Monuments76


  • V.V. Tishin
    On the Interpretation of the Combination kök türk78


  • G.M. Bulyakova
    On the Monograph by R.M. Latypova Written Sources of the Late 19th and 20th Centuries and Their Influence on the Bashkir Standard Language Development (Based on the Cyrillic and Roman Scripts). Sibay, 2013. 208 p. 84


  • M.V. Zaynullin
    Topical Problems of Modern Bashkir Philology: The All-Russian Scientific Conference Devoted to the 85th Birth Anniversary of Famous Linguists Prof. G.G. Saitbattalov and Prof. N.Kh. Ishbulatov 87
  • M.L. Akhmadullin
    "Science and Arts" Exhibition Hall at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan: Thematic Expositions90


  • Honouring Niyaz A. Mazhitov, Full Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in Connection with His 80th Birth Anniversary 96
  • Famous Folklorist Dr.Sc. (Philology) Akhmet M. Suleymanov Celebrates His 75th Birth Anniversary97
  • For Authors98
  • Index of Articles Published in The Oriental Studies Journal in 2013 100