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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2013 № 3 (61) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2013 № 3 (61)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • On Scientific And Organizational Activities of the Academy Of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan in 2012. Speech by Ramil N. Bakhtizin, Associate Member And President of the Academy of Sciences Of The Republic of Bashkortostan, at the General Meeting of the Academy of Sciences of The Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufa, June 7, 2013)8


  • A. Ya. Zaripov
    Conscious Archaisms in the Epoch of Globalization as the Spiritual Potential for Community Self-Production22
  • T.Sh. Umetbaev, P.V. Teplyashin, S.M. Budatarov
    The Development of the Western Mongolian Legal System in the 17th and the 18th Centuries (according to G.I. Spassky's Materials) 28


  • N.A. Mazhitov
    On the Oldest Ethnocultural Component of Ethnogenesis of the Bashkirs: The Tribes of Daik (Jaik) in Modern Altaians' Historical Memory 38
  • R.G. Bukanova
    Scholar and Educator Irek Akmanov and His Contribution to the Development of National History (to His 80th Birth Anniversary) 51


  • A.А. Khasavnekh
    А Narrative about Saba Citizens in the Works by the Sufi Poet Abulmanikh Qarghaly56
  • I. Hajiyev
    The Cave Temple Complex of Keshikchidagh 62


  • M.V. Zainullin, I.G. Galyautdinov
    The Leading Figure in Tatar and Turkic Phivorogy (to Mirfatyh Zakiev's 85th Birth Anniversary)70


  • A.G. Sharafutdinova
    Indo-European Antecedents kra-, krs-en-, Georgian krazana as Archetypes of the Turkic Ethnonym Kryashen74


  • А. Mahmudova
    The Problem of Imitation and Originality in Medieval Oriental Poetry78


  • A. Erkinov
    The Russian Empire and the Khanate of Khiva (the Russian Scholar A.N. Samoylovich and Traveller V.G. Yan in Khiva Palace in the Early 20th Century)84
  • G.S. Kunafin
    On Major Results of Studies Carried Out in 2012 by the Department of the Humanities of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan92
  • M.Dzh. Kiekbaev
    On Major Scientific Results of the Department for Socioeconomic Studies of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan in 201295


  • F.G. Islaev, M.B. Khayrullin
    On the Book by M.Z. Zakiev "The Ethnogenesis of the Turks, Bulgars and Bashkirs". - Ufa: Gilem Publ., 2011. - 284 p.98
  • V.K. Samigullin
    On the Monograph by R.A. Minniakhmetov and B.D. Nuriev "State and Law in Islamic Doctrine". - Ufa, 2013. - 148 p.100


  • Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Professor of the Bashkir State University Niyaz A. Mazhitov Celebrates His 80th Birth Anniversary104
  • Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Professor of M. Akmulla Bashkir State Pedagogical University Talmas M. Garipov Celebrates His 85th Birth Anniversary 106
  • Rules for Authors107