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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2013 № 2 (60) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2013 № 2 (60)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • F.M. Rayanov
    Muslim Legal Doctrine and Its Modern Dimension8
  • A.O. Khuzhakhmetov
    Ideological Paradigms of Sheikh Zaynulla Rasulev15


  • Z.A. Sharafutdinova
    Rating Assessment of Russia's Federal Regions by the Level of Their Agro-Food Development 1818


  • N.A. Mazhitov
    On an Ethnocultural Component of Ethnogenesis of the Bashkirs: The Tribes of Daik (Jayiq) 24
  • M.M. Kulsharipov
    Archaeographic Activities of the Prominent Scholar Bilal Yuldashbaev (to His 85th Birth Anniversary)


  • W.D. Gadzieva
    Repetition as the Fundamental Principle of Phonetic Expressiveness in Nezami Ganjavi's Ghazals 42
  • G.N. Akhmadeeva
    The Occurrence of Mechanical Musical Instruments in the Volga Region and the Urals 48
  • Kh.G. Utyashev
    The Work "Nerkes" by Ilshat Yumagulov as a Classic Example of the Tragedy Genre51


  • A.M. Aznabaev
    Pleonasm and the Category of Definiteness and Indefiniteness in the Historical Fate of the Bashkir and Other Turkic Languages57
  • G.M. Ismailov
    The Early Stage of the Borrowing of Russian Military Terms in Old Uzbek in the 19th Century (Based on the Periodical Press Materials) 63


  • T.S. Sergeeva
    Music Oriental Studies as a New Direction in the Russian Humanities66


  • S.Z. Akhmadullin
    Murad Ramzi and His Qasyda about Zaynulla Rasulev73


  • G.G. Khisamova
    On the Book by M.V. Zaynullin "Bashkir, Turkic and Comparative Linguistics: Selected Articles" – Ufа: Gilem Publ., 2012. - 456 p.79


  • A.Zh. Khairullina
    The Muslim World of the Russian East: Traditions and Innovations. International Scientific and Practical Symposium Devoted to the 180* Birth Anniversary of the Religious Figure and Educator Zaynulla Rasulev (Ufa, May 13, 2013) Round Table (Uchaly, Bashkortostan, May 14, 2013)
    Rasulev Readings: Islam in the History and Modern Life of Russia. The All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference (Troitsk, Chelyabinsk District, May 15, 2013)
  • G.Kh. Abdrafikova
    Topical Problems of Modern Literary Studies and Literature, Folkloristics and Archaeography: International Scientific and Practical Conference Devoted to the 85' Birth Anniversary of Professor G.B. Khusainov, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufa, April 10, 2013)88
  • G.S. Kunafin
    Preservation and Development of Native Languages and Literature under Multiethnic State Conditions: Problems and Prospects. International Scientific and Practical Conference (Ufa, April 18, 2013)90
  • Interview with the Editor-in-Chief of The Delovoi Mir Bashkortostana Newspaper R.A. Bikkulova by the Editor-in-Chief of The Problems of Oriental Studies Journal I.G. Galyautdinov about the (Annual) Investment Meeting (AIM) (Ufa, May 15, 2013)92


  • Principal of M. Akmulla Bashkir State Pedagogical University Rail M. Asadullin Celebrates His 60th Birth Anniversary95
  • Doctor of Science (Art Studies), Professor of the Ufa State University of Economics and Service Almira G. Yanbukhtina97
  • Rules for Authors99