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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2012 № 1 (55) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2012 № 1 (55)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • Vildanov U.S.
    Sufism on the Path of Love to Perfection (according to Sheikh Zainulla Rasulev's World View)7
  • Azamatov D.M., Sadykova Z.R.
    Myth as premise of the historical consciousness development10


  • Akmanov A.I.
    Land Relations of Belebey Uyezd Bashkirs on Evidence from Land Survey Offices in the First Third of the 19th Century15
  • Isyangulov SH.N.
    On the bashkir title Qara khan and its origin21
  • Evstigneev Yu.A.
    The History and Chronological Transformation of the Meaning ofthe Term Kipchak27


  • Gummetova KH.B.
    The Sema Ritual as the Basic Model of the Mevlevi Sufi Tariqa30
  • Suleymanov Akh.M.
    Gabdulla Tukay on Bashkir Folk Songs35
  • Yuldybaeva G.V.
    Medical Exorcisms in Bashkir Folklore39


  • Ishbayev K.G.
    The Problems in Studying the Bashkir Word Formation System44
  • Umarov E.A.
    On the words йуғчи (jugchi) and йуғ (jug) in the orkhon written record of ktil tegin49
  • Latypov F.R.
    Etruscan advertising inscription Cr 0.1 on the vase of the 7th century BC from Cere51
  • Soegov M.
    Mukhammed Geldiyev and His Contribution to Turkmen Philology55


  • Sultangareeva R.A.
    National Spirituality: Principles and Models of Revival59
  • Sirazhildinova N.M.
    On the Significance of the Multivolume Bashkir Encyclopedia in Realization of the Program for Protecting Intangible Culture Heritage64
  • Belan L.N., Galyautdinnva S.I., Gumerova R.B.
    The Urals Jasper Belt as an Emotional Tourism Site68


  • Karimov K.K.
    Academicians and Associate Members of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan and Their Oriental Studies (to the 20th Anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan)72


  • Amanbaeva Z.S.
    On Brothers Moral Conflict in the Epic Ural-batyr80


  • Malikov M.F.
    On the Monograph by N.A. Mazhitov, A.l\l. Sultanova The History of Bashkortostan. Ancient Times. The Middle Ages. - Ufa: Kitap Publ., 2009. - 496 p.84
  • Idelbaev M.KH.
    On the Monograph by G.S. Kunafin "Bashkir Poetry between the 19th Century and Early 20th' Century: Genre and Ideological-Artistic Aspects". - Ufa: Gilem Publ., 2011. - 480 p.87


  • Miftakhetdin Akmulla International Days: to the 180" Birth Anniversary of the Great Enlightener and Poet (Ufa, December 12-16, 2011)89

  • Rami Garipov Days: Events Devoted to the 80 Birth Anniversary of Rami Garipov in Russia and Bashkonostan. Speech by Ravil T. Bikbaev at the Jubilee Party (Ufa, March 19, 2012)91

  • Oriental Manuscripts: Present State and Prospects for Study. The Round Table (Kazan, December 1, 2011)94


  • Prof Dr. Sc. (Philology) Rashit Z. Shakurov Celebrates His 75th Birth Anniversary96

  • Prof. Dr. Sc. (Philology) Karim G. lshbaev Celebrates His 75th Birth Anniversary97

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  • Index of the Articles100