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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2011 № 4 (54) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2011 № 4 (54)

Проблемы востоковедения


  • Congratulations from R.Z. Khamitov, President of the Republic of Bashkortostan, on the 20th Anniversary of the Academy of Sciences of th Republic of Bashkortostan7
  • Ilgamov M.A., Khusainova G.Т.
    The Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan is 209


  • Faizullin F.S.
    Ethnic Rights Protection as One of the Important Directions in Insuring Social Justice20
  • Khilazheva G.F., Mukhamadieva R.R.
    Labour Migrants in Bashkortostan: Problems of Social and Cultural Adaptation25


  • Suyundukov Ya.T., Mullagulov R.Yu.
    Ecology of the Bashkir Trans-Urals: Problems and Solutions31
  • Akhatova I.A.
    Experience and Prospects for Horse Products Usage in Population Health Improvement36


  • Mazhitov N.A.
    On the Issue of Magna Hungaria in the Southern Urals 41
  • Azamatova G.B.
    Measures Taken by Zemstvos in the Sphere of Moslem Population Out-of-School Education in Ufa and Orenburg Provinces in the Early 20th Century51
  • Bukanova R.G., Kulsharipov M.M.
    Rim Yanguzin and His Contribution to the Development of Historical and Ethnographic Sciences in Bashkortostan55
  • Dubova N.A.
    The Anthropologist Rinat Yusupov’s Contribution to the Bashkir Historical Science60


  • Sharipova Z.Ya.
    Landmarks in Bright Destiny (to Robert Baimov’s 75th Birth Anniversary)68
  • Shakurov R.Z.
    Great Poet, Enlightener and Mentor of the Bashkir Nation (to Miftakhetdin Akmulla’s 180th Birth Anniversary)72


  • Aznabaev A.M., Khuzhakhmetova I.I.
    Future Simple Verb and Its Historical Development77
  • Tikejev F.S., Nafiqoff Sh.V.
    On the Issue of Bashkir — English Resemblances84


  • Ilisheva N.K.
    Problems of Russia’s Population Demographic Reproduction: Mechanism and Stabilization Methods89
  • Agliullina K.I.
    Peculiarities of National Book Culture Development in the Region at the Present Time94
  • Yarmullin A.Sh.
    Bashkir Military Symbols during the Civil War99


  • Zaripov A.Ya.
    On the Book by F.S. Faizullin, L.N. Timirova “Social Problems of National Scientific and Technical Intelligentsia Reproduction”. — Ufa: Gilem Publ., 2009. — 176 p.106


  • Altai as the Golden Cradle of the Turkic World: The 1st International Forum (Ust-Kamenogorsk, the Republic of Kazakhstan, August 25—28, 2011)108

  • Eurasian Space: Civilization Potential of the Turkic-Speaking Countries and Russia’s Regions in the 21st Century. The 4th Congress of the Turkic World Sociologists (Ufa, October 4—5, 2011)110

  • Professor Dzhalil Kiekbaev and His Contribution to the Development of Ural-Altaic and Turkic Philology: The International Scientific and Practical Conference (Ufa, October 27—28, 2011)112


  • Dr.Sc. (Philology), Prof. Giniyatulla S. Kunafin Celebrates His 65th Birth Anniversary114

  • Uildan G. Saitov, Head of “Bashkir Encyclopedia” Scientific Publishing House, Celebrates His 60th Birth Anniversary115