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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2010 № 4 (50) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2010 № 4 (50)

Проблемы востоковедения


  • Events Devoted to the 120th Birth Anniversary of Akhmet-Zeki Velidi Togan (the compiler author Akh.G. Salikhov) 6

  • Scholars from Different Countries about Akhmet-Zeki Velidi Togan as an Orientalist (the compiler author A.M. Yuldashbaev) 11


  • Isenbike Togan
    Geography in Historical Research by Zeki Velidi Togan 14
  • M.M. Kulsharipov
    Zeki Velidi as the Leader of the Bashkir National Movement and Pounder of Autonomous Bashkortostan24
  • A .Ya. Zaripov
    Prom the History of the Pormation of the Bashkirs' Political Identity29
  • A .I. Akmanov
    Legislative Initiatives of the Bashkir Congresses of 1917 on an Agrarian Problem34
  • V.K . Samigullin
    On the Problem of Legal Thinking in the East 39
  • G.T. Khusainova, V.N. Peshkin
    The Life of Academician M.K. Lubavsky in Ufa (to His 150th Birth Anniversary) 44


  • I.U. Zulkarnay
    Islamic Financial Model and Its First Steps in Russia51


  • M.Kh. Idelbaev
    The Ideas of Freedom in Improvisations by Baik Aidar 56


  • Zh.O. Tektigul
    Functional-Semantic Features of Some Grammatical Forms in the Turkic, Mongolian and Tungus Languages 60
  • S.A . Khalfin
    Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Z.G. Uraksin as an Outstanding Linguist and Organizer of Scientific Activities (to His 75th Birth Anniversary) 64
  • B .N. Khadyeva
    The Protector of the Native Language 69
  • K .G. Ishbaev, P.S. Tikeev
    Professor D.S. Tikeev's Contribution to the Study of Bashkir Syntax 72


  • Sirazitdinov, L.A . Buskunbaeva
    The Bashkir Language in Information Technologies 76


  • A .S. Bulatov
    The Present State of Regional Sufism Studies 83
  • Z.M. Tagirova
    Peculiarities and Importance of the Memoir Genre in Bashkir Literature. Author's Consciousness and Emotions 88


  • B .G. Bukanova
    On the Book by Kh. Bolganbay "Iman Kushi" / Ed. D. Kamzabekuly. — Alma-Ata: Arys, 2009. — 288 p 94
  • E.E. Kuzmina
    On Volume 1 of "The History of the Bashkir Nation". — Moscow: Nauka, 2009. — 400 p. 96


  • Islamic Civilization in the Volga-Urals Region: The 4th International Workshop (Ufa, October 21-22, 2010) 103

  • The Scientific and Practical Conference Devoted to the 120th Birth Anniversary of A.-Z. Velidi Togan (Held under the 4th International Workshop on October 21-22, 2010 in Ufa) 105

  • "Ural-batyr" and the Spiritual Heritage of the Peoples of the World: The International Scientific and Practical Conference Devoted to the 100th Anniversary of the Bashkir Folk Epic Being Recorded (Ufa, November 30, 2010) 107


  • Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Marat V. Zainullin Celebrates His 75th Birthday 111