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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2010 № 2 (48) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2010 № 2 (48)

Проблемы востоковедения


  • Our Aim is Consolidation, Renewal and Ail-Round Development of the Nation". The Report of M.G. Rakhimov, President of the Republic of Bashkortostan, at the World Bashkir Nation Congress (Ufa, June 10, 2010)9


  • Faizullin Fanil S., Sultanov Ilshat R.
    The Essence and Significance of the People's Right to Self-Determination17
  • Isyanbaev M.N., Sharafutdinova Z.A.
    Land Relations Regulation Under Conditions of Development of New Forms of Ownership and Management24
  • Zulkarnay I.U.
    Economic Approach to the Development of a National Idea in The Multiethnic and Multiconfessional State 31
  • Samigullin V. K.
    Formation and Development of Trade and Trade Law in Russia 38
  • Bagautdinov A.M.
    Nature of Human Spirituality in Islam 46


  • Mazhitov N.A., Kyzlasov I.L.
    Creative Heritage of Outstanding Historian, Archaeologist Svetlana A. Pletneva50
  • Yamayeva L.E.
    Elements of Old-Iranian Religious Beliefs in "Bashkir Islam"55
  • Rafailov A.M.
    New Variants in Translating Runic Inscriptions on Two Gold Vessels of the Kopensky Chaatas Burial Mound60
  • Khallieva G.I.
    Pastor Amirkhanyants' Note on the History of Khiva (According to the Archival Data of the RAS Institute of Oriental Manuscripts)64
  • Sobolev E.V.
    The Anglo-American Struggle for the Arabian Peninsula Oil in 1928 to 1933 68


  • Khusainov G.B., Zainullin M.V., Sibagatov F.Sh.
    Creative Heritage of the Scholar and Writer Robert N. Baimov73
  • Sivtseva-Maksimova P.V., Romanova L.N.
    Baimov and the Problems of Bashkir-Yakut Literary Intercommunications78
  • Idelbaev M.Kh.
    The Main Motifs In Salavat Yulaev's Poetry82
  • Nadrshina F.A.
    The Bear Cult in Bashkir Legends and Rites88


  • Bukanova R.G.
    F.P. Adelung and the Experience of Compiling Comparative Dictionaries of Turkic Languages94
  • Ishkildina Z.K.
    Types of Affixes in the Russian and Bashkir Languages97
  • Muratova R.T.
    The Ethnocultural Semantics of Numbers in Bashkir103
  • Aznabaev A.M., Mustafma I.N.
    Personal Pronouns, Their Grammatical Nature and Historical Development109


  • Enikeev A.Z.
    On Some Problems of Constitutional Legislation in the Sphere of Ensuring its Consistency114
  • Latypov F.R.
    The Unique Word-Combination CELTINÊITISŜ TARSMINAŜŜ and Other Compound Conceptions, the Terms of Architecturalconstructive, Hydrotechnical and Technological Plans in Etruscan Texts121


  • Ryskildin A.Kh.
    Theoretical Principles of Constitutional Legal Subjectness of the Republic of Bashkortostan 127
  • Efremova E.M.
    Peculiarity of L.A. Popov's Love Lyrics: The Image of Hands in Interpreting the Feelings135
  • Klyashev A.N.
    Turkic-Speaking Protestants in the Republic of Bashkortostan: The Phenomenon of Denominational Identity Transformation140


  • Reviews: F.A. Ganiev. Functional Word Formation in the Modern Tatar Literary Language144
  • .
    D.N. Kuleshov. Migratory Processes in Bashkortostan in the First Half of the 20th Century 147


  • The 3rd World Bashkir Nation Congress149

  • Rules for Authors159