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The Problems of Oriental Studies. 2009 № 3 (45) /
Проблемы востоковедения. 2009 № 3 (45)

Проблемы востоковедения



  • M.A. Ayupov
    Historical Tendencies of Development of Federalism in Constitutional Statutory Acts of Russia 9
  • V.Yu. Suzukei
    Space and Time in Traditional Perception of the Tuvinians 13
  • A.G. Karimov
    Poverty in Depressed Regions of the Republic of Bashkortostan 22


  • G.B. Khusainov
    On the Problem of Writing the History of the Bashkirs in Ancient and Medieval Times 29
  • Yu.N. Sergeyev
    Christianization of the South Urals Peoples in the Late 18th Century to the Middle of the 19th Century (the Orenburg Eparchy as an Example) 33
  • D.D. Azamatov, G.B. Azamatova
    From the History of Muslim Charity in the Province of Ufa 43
  • R.B. Ismagilov
    "Bashkort": From Toponym to Ethnonym 53


  • I.G. Kulsarina
    Ideological and Artistic Features of Bashkir Non-Fantastic Prose in the Russian Literature of the 20th Century 58
  • B.Kh. Ilisheva
    Genre and Stylistic Peculiarities of "Aldar and Zukhra" 64
  • T.N. Vasilyeva
    Peculiarities in Assimilating Oriental Art Traditions: Rubai in Yakut Lyric Poetry 69
  • F.A. Nadrshina
    Bashkir Proverbs and Sayings in S.G. Rybakov's Records 76


  • I.G. Galyautdinov
    History of the Bashkir Literary Language: Sources and Methods of Its Investigation 81
  • L.Kh. Samsitova
    Semantic Denotation of Cultural Concepts in the Bashkir Lingual Image of the World 86


  • M.Kh. Kharrasov
    Bashkir State University is 100 92
  • M.V. Zainullin
    Bashkir and Turkic Linguistics in Bashkir State University: Topical Problems and Prospects of Its Investigation 97
  • A.A. Fedorov
    Russian Philology in Bashkir State University: Heritage and Contemporary Time 103
  • R.Z. Muryasov
    Stages of Development of Scientific School for Romance and Germanic Linguistics in Bashkir State University 110
  • M.M. Kulsharipov
    Faculty of History Bashkir State University 118


  • A.M. Khakimyanova
    On the Problem of Studying the Poetic Symbolism of Bashkir Folk Lyric Songs 123
  • A.F. Chishkova
    Rates of Urbanization of Bashkortostan Population in 1919—1939s (Based on the Results of Population Censuses) 131
  • T.F. Davletshin
    Image of a Region as a Marketing Component of an Area's Competitiveness 140


  • A.V. Psyanchin
    A.Z. Asfandiyarov. The History of Villages in Bashkortostan and Adjacent Territories 146


  • Phenomenon of Eurasianism in Material and Spiritual Culture, Ethnology and Anthropology of the BashkirNation: The All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference (Sibai, May 27-29, 2009) 149


  • R.T. Bikbayev
    The 75th Crossing (to the 75th Anniversary of the Union of Writers of the Republic of Bashkortostan) 153

  • Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan Mirfatyh Z. Zakiev 156

  • Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan Talmas M. Garipov 157

  • Professor of the Bashkir State University Anvar Z. Asfandiyarov Celebrates His 75th Birthday 158

  • Rules for Authors 159